So How Long Does It Take?

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One question that people ask me often is: “How long does it take to write a book?” This is actually not a very clear question to ask because there are many ways to answer it, depending on what a person means by their question.  For example, I just finished the rough draft of book two in the Mantidom series. It… Read more »

So I did it…

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I was never part of the Harry Potter generation. I guess I was just a bit too old when it first came out. Despite people today claiming that my book “The Academy” is Harry Potter in space, there is no influence of Harry Potter on the book. The writing of Enemy of an Enemy actually predates Harry Potter’s release by… Read more »

Deals and Steals

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Hey all! I am often invited to various group promotions, sales, contests, and so on with other authors. I turn almost all of them down because I do my best to never send any spam to anyone. However not sending it means that those of you that want to see those deals, miss out.  So to address this, I have decided… Read more »

New Release: Rise of the Goblin King!

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Rise of the Goblin King is live for pre-order at most major stores right now! As of the writing of this email, only Apple remains to put the book up. They have it listed as “waiting for review” so, that means, well absolutely nothing at all. *shrugs* It is out of my hands now, just have to wait on them. While on pre-order… Read more »

First update post of 2019!

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Hey everyone! Now that the holiday madness is behind us, maybe we can all catch our breaths a bit! All I know for sure is that it seems like Old Man Winter has come back from his holidays ready to work. The temps have fallen well below freezing and we have been getting snow. You know, the kind of weather… Read more »