Services for Authors


  1. Artists, Illustrators, and Cover Art
  2. Editors and Formatters
  3. Newsletter Services


Artists, Illustrators, and Cover Art:

Tessa Sentel –

Custom art, illustrations, and maps. She created the map of Ferrin that you can find in Season Two of the Dragon Masters, the map in Rise of the Goblin King and my dragon logo.

Vivid Covers –

Vivid covers did the covers for Rise of the Goblin King and Glimpses. They do all kinds of covers from original artwork to premade.  

Adam Hall –

Adam did all the covers for the Dragon Masters series and many of the covers in the Future Chronicles Anthologies.

Yoly – Cormar Covers –

Yoly has done all of the Lost Tales of Powers, including the bundles and the audio covers. She has premades, and various levels of custom work.

Go On Write –

My first stop for premade covers. The cover for The Null came from them. They also do custom work but I only ever used their premades.

Editors and Formatters:

Ellen Campbell –

She edited a few short works for me, and has been an editor of several of the Future Chronicles. Top notch editor.

Therin Knite –

She has formatted all of my print books. She also formats ebooks, and offers services as an editor

Robert Frazier –

He offers first pass proofreading.

Newsletter Services

MailerLite –

I currently use MailerLite for my newsletter service. They have excellent customer service, very reasonable pricing, and all the automation that I need. If you sign up via the link above we both get a $20 credit.

MailChimp –

Before switching to MailerLite I used MailChimp. They are the defacto standard of email newsletters. They are a lot more expensive than MailerLite and customer service is slower to respond but they have the reputation for being rock solid for longer than MailerLite existed.

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