Rise of the Goblin King

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Rick and his friends got their hands on the most exclusive invite of their generation: an invite to beta test the new tabletop RPG, Mantidom, the most immersive game ever created.

Skimming over the introduction and warnings they dove right in and found themselves in a whole new world, one that was threatened by a goblin invasion and a malevolent entity that was as ancient as it was evil.

A world that expected them to save it… or die trying. 

The Horde

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Smoke returns to the homeland of his people to find its cities in ruins and barbarians sweeping through the land. Raven and the others find themselves bogged down in the political dealings of their new family and all the while, the darkness plots its next move…



The Ax of Thrakax

Coming in early 2020!

More details to be announced soon!

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