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Bad version of the book posted…

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If you downloaded the ebook from last night, or early this morning please delete it and get a new copy. I am not sure how, but somehow when I was uploading a new version to comply with style guide an old file was put up in place of the new one. It has been corrected, but according to my… Read more »

New version of the print edition is up

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My print versions have arrived, and I must say the hardcover is wonderful. I am not happy with the paperback version so I have uploaded a new version and I have ordered a copy of it. While I was at it I fixed the typo’s on the very last page of the book. So the print versions at least will… Read more »

Just in time for Christmas!

      Comments Off on Just in time for Christmas! just sent me an coupon to share with all my readers. If you purchase the print copy of The Enemy of an Enemy by 12/15/2010 you can use the coupon code STOCKING305 for 15% off. Just head to my Lulu store ( ) to place your order. The ebook will remain free on and is still 99… Read more »

Amazon Release Delayed

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Months ago I uploaded my rough draft to Amazon to get a feel for how to format the book to work on the Kindle and see how the process works. I never submitted that work for review by the Amazon editors, nor did I ever intend to. Well few days ago I submitted the final draft to their site, added… Read more »