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I was never part of the Harry Potter generation. I guess I was just a bit too old when it first came out. Despite people today claiming that my book “The Academy” is Harry Potter in space, there is no influence of Harry Potter on the book. The writing of Enemy of an Enemy actually predates Harry Potter’s release by over half a decade, and when I wrote the Academy, I had no knowledge of the series. 

I know for many of my readers they cannot imagine a world where Harry and his lightning scar is not famous, but there was such a time and that is the time the Lost Tales of Power came out of. 

But time moves on, and in the world we live in today being an author in the genre that I write and knowing nothing about Harry Potter did not seem wise. So, a couple months ago I started the series. I of course knew a little about the world at this point. Enough of you talk about it that I could not avoid a few major plot points over the years, but I only had a passing knowledge of the series.

If you have not read it yet, do not worry there will be no spoilers in this post. The one thing I can say though is that J. K. Rowling’s writing improved greatly as the series progressed, but she also delved into darker topics. While the writing was inferior in the first book, I enjoyed its story far more than the last book. Book one is light and happy, but the series gets dark and somewhat sad as the books go on. 

I guess that is the nature of the market these days. Popular movies and books tend to be dark and dreary. Even the lighting is such that you have to adjust the brightness on your TV if you want to see everything in the scene. I do not understand this desire for darker and darker. 

I still write what is known as Noble Bright books, and I plan to continue that for the foreseeable future. The Null was a bit of a departure from that, and who knows, maybe I will write more in that genre someday, but even The Null was roses and rainbows compared to what is popular today. 

Anyways, if you have not read the Harry Potter series yet, it is well written and enjoyable. It is not nearly as dark as some stories today, but there are a few very hard deaths in it to prepare yourself for. Three of them stick out to me, but I will not mention them as they would definitely be spoilers.  

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