Deals and Steals

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Hey all!

I am often invited to various group promotions, sales, contests, and so on with other authors. I turn almost all of them down because I do my best to never send any spam to anyone. However not sending it means that those of you that want to see those deals, miss out.  So to address this, I have decided to create a second newsletter.

The new newsletter will be called “Deals and Steals” (I know not very original, but eh, I never was any good with names) and will have all the promotions that I think are worth sharing. It will be sent somewhat randomly, but at most once a week. To join that list click here:
My normal list, which is still called “Vincent’s Newsletter” will have promotions, contests, and giveaways but will be limited only to my own books and significantly less often. It will also contain my general ramblings, interesting news and other things I want to share with you. If you do not want these emails you can always unsubscribe. You can join that one by clicking below (if you are not already on it).
Please note there will be a month or two of transition where both lists will get the promotions, but in time that will all filter to just the deals and steals list. 
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