New Release: Rise of the Goblin King!

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Rise of the Goblin King is live for pre-order at most major stores right now! As of the writing of this email, only Apple remains to put the book up. They have it listed as “waiting for review” so, that means, well absolutely nothing at all. *shrugs* It is out of my hands now, just have to wait on them.

While on pre-order most stores have it at the discounted price of $1.99. After release it will go to its full price of $4.99 so grab it while you can!

There will be a paperback and hardcover edition, but they always lag behind the ebook by a month or so, just due to the nature of the medium. Click below to order your copy today!

Amazon Kobo Nook Google Play

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2 thoughts on “New Release: Rise of the Goblin King!

  1. Mikael Andersson

    You didn’t die, did you? Loved your “lost tales of power” series – and now I see (according to nothing new since 2015 🙁

    Keep it up, ffs. I just *loved* that series. And where’s the next one?

    1. Vincent Post author


      I do not use Good Reads personally so I can not say what they do and do not have on their site, but there are nine books out in the Lost Tales series, three books out in the Dragon Masters series, and now one book in the Mantidom series. More are planned in each of those series.

      If you subscribe to my newsletter you will be kept current on all new releases as they come out. I also announced releases on this website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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