New Release: The Cerulean Mines

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New release!

The promised ninth book in the Lost Tales of Power series is now up for pre-order! The pre-order window is pretty short, and only exists so that I can give you a chance to buy it for 99 cents! Upon release (11/13) the book will go to its normal price of $2.99, so grab it while you can.

Just as a reminder, this book was originally intended to be part of a Sci-Fi anthology. That anthology got canceled due to most of the other authors not coming through with their stories. As a result, I am releasing The Cerulean Mines as a novella. It is around a hundred pages long in print form (there will be a paperback released at a later date) which makes it about a third as long as the majority of the other Lost Tales books.

So without further ado, click a link below to get your copy!

You can find:

Other stores coming soon…

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3 thoughts on “New Release: The Cerulean Mines

  1. Dianna Slowey-Thomas

    Thank You for the sale! I already have all of your books but I got a couple of Christmas presents! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Mikael Andersson

    If it was made for something else – how would it fit into the magic universe of Vydor? Also, some reviews mentioned it wasn’t an entire novel.

    If you need money, say so. All the strange vibes about this book .. sorry, no. And I loved the other ones.

    1. Vincent Post author


      The book takes place in a dead zone, which has been part of the core lore of the Lost Tales from the beginning. It very much is part of the universe. It was originally intended as a stand-alone and is complete just very short compared to my normal books. It is around 130 pages in print. It, like the Sac’a’rith books, represents a sub-series inside the larger series and there will be a book 2 for it.

      Have you read all 8 other books in Lost Tales? Your last comment mentioned not reading any since 2015 and several came out after that.

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