New Release: The Cerulean Mines

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New release!

The promised ninth book in the Lost Tales of Power series is now up for pre-order! The pre-order window is pretty short, and only exists so that I can give you a chance to buy it for 99 cents! Upon release (11/13) the book will go to its normal price of $2.99, so grab it while you can.

Just as a reminder, this book was originally intended to be part of a Sci-Fi anthology. That anthology got canceled due to most of the other authors not coming through with their stories. As a result, I am releasing The Cerulean Mines as a novella. It is around a hundred pages long in print form (there will be a paperback released at a later date) which makes it about a third as long as the majority of the other Lost Tales books.

So without further ado, click a link below to get your copy!

You can find:

Other stores coming soon…

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1 thought on “New Release: The Cerulean Mines

  1. Dianna Slowey-Thomas

    Thank You for the sale! I already have all of your books but I got a couple of Christmas presents! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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