Early April Update On All Things!

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Howdy Friends!

We are officially in Spring now, or so the calendar claims! All I know is we are in for an inch of snow tonight! Not sure that is what Spring is supposed to be all about, but alas, no use arguing with nature.

A couple of quick updates for everyone:

First Lost Tales of Power Volume 8: Mage Hunter is off with my editor! She is busy dumping red ink all over the pages. Based on how things look right now, we are on target for a MID-MAY release of the book. I have purchased a cover for it and will be revealing that soon. Those of you that saw my handy work on Facebook, I decided to ditch that cover as too many people thought the main character was a cave man.

Second, I have started work on The Dragon Masters Season Three! I do not have a name for it yet, but it will pick up from the very day that Season two ended. The darkness is coming, and soon you will be able to read all about it. My original target for it was 2018, but I am going to try for last quarter of 2017. It is way too early to know if that will work or not yet, but it is good to have goals!

Click to be taken to the free books!

This month, all month long, I am trying something new. I am hosting multi-author book giveaway! I have gathered 44 authors who all promise that their books are clean and they made them free. Some of these books are only free via this giveaway so do not miss your chance to score a new book. I, of course, have not read all 44 books, but I know many of the authors and suspect you will be in for a treat whichever book or books you claim. The giveaway runs for the month of April, but it will be easy to forget, so go grab your free books now while it is fresh on your mind!

I still have plenty of spare paperback books laying around to give way, so watch for new contest later this month! Until then, please keep spreading the words about my books and the Clean Indie Reads Spring Giveaway!

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2 thoughts on “Early April Update On All Things!

  1. Teri Miller

    Hey, I’m so excited Dragon Masters is getting it’s season 3!!! I’ve been slacking on a lot of stuff (like you tube videos), sorry. I hope to get caught up asap! Let me know if you are looking for ARC readers for Dragons

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