Big Changes Coming…

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Hey, everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know of a big change I am planning. It is a huge change. It is the best change. It will make everything great again.

Okay actually it is not that big, but it is a change. Essentially I am going to pull all the episodes of The Dragon Masters from publication and only offer the complete novels. The experiment with serializing novels was fun, but ultimately I learned yet another thing I do not wish to do.  So the individual 99 cent episodes will be gone soon.

The Season One box set will loose the “box set” nomenclature and just be book one. I will keep the “Season” branding and designating the parts of each book “Episodes.”

Also, I will be releasing “The Storymaster” as a standalone free prequel to the series. It will still be referred to as Episode 0. That should appear on Amazon in the next few days if is it not there already.

Work on Lost Tales of Power Volume XIII: Mage Hunter is going well. I am currently writing the final act. I hope to have an update soon that says “first draft complete!” so watch for that.

Finally, I wanted to remind you that my YouTube Channel is going strong. I post a new video roughly weekly and I talk about any breaking book news, offer free stuff, and talk about current science and technology news. Sometimes humorous, sometimes series, but always family friendly.

This week we looked out how our Canadian “friends” have been holding out on us. I am very disappointed in them, but do offer a special giveaway to Canadians as a good will offering:

Thanks for being such a great group of readers, and please keep spreading the word about both series!


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2 thoughts on “Big Changes Coming…

  1. Dr John Docking

    Hi Vincent and friends,
    Just come across you books when searching for another author. Sorry, but looking at your books and reading only a few lines, it seems as though I have found another SF writer that I must follow. I love the old space opera, in the manner of England. E.E. Doc Smith, and others. The old masterschool, as they were called. I look forward to reading your books. Whenever I can I like the earliest first and try to read chronologically, not, always possible, but that challenge remains whilst I read. I look forward to the next set of book.

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