October 2016 News and Updates

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Hey everyone!

Thank you for your contest entries last month! I really enjoyed the notes you left on the survey! I love how some of you are “loyal to Silverleaf” and others see Spectra as a “true warrior with heart.” Of course one of you said your favorite character was “Vincent.”  Now I am tempted to name a character Vincent and kill him off. *wink*

The primary complaint from you all was either “the books are too short” or “he does not write fast enough.” Fair enough. I assume the “too short” comments are coming from the serialized Season One of the Dragon Masters. I have abandoned that format going forward, as I agree. I did not much like the shorter format. Season Two: The Elwyn Chronicles is almost 600 pages in print. You can expect future books in both series to be full novels for the foreseeable future. As for writing faster… I am trying!

I was surprised at how many of you were able to figure out that Timebound by Rsya Walker was the book I left clues for. If you have not read that series yet, I suggest you check it out. It deals with some adult topics, but I think any mature teenager and up would enjoy it.

I stuffed all the entries into a virtual hat and used Random.org to pick the winner. So if you know anyone named KAREN and see her in a coffee shop someplace reading a brand new signed copy of the hardcover of Enemy of an Enemy be sure to congratulate her.

In other news, the audio edition of Lost Tales of Power Volume IV is well under way. It is on schedule to be released before Christmas! Volume V will not be too far behind it, but we probably will not start work on it until after the holidays. Either way, we are still on track to have all the Lost Tales books out in audio in a year’s time!

Also, this month I was invited to take part in a massive giveaway! The details can be found at the link below, but the short version is THIRTY-FIVE books and a KINDLE FIRE are being given away! Click the graphic for all the details, and feel free to share this contest with everyone you know:

If you are one of the many readers that entered the contest for the hardcover copy of Enemy and did not win, do not worry, I have more books to give away! Watch for announcements related to them soon.

Thanks again for being such a great group of readers! Please continue to spread the word about both of my series! Thanks!


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