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Click image to go to Amazon and purchase the caseAs those that follow me on Twitter know I recently acquired a Black iPhone 7 Plus. I must say, I am liking the phone, but the problem with getting the newest phone on the market is the distinct lack of accessories. The iPhone is IP67 certified water resistant, but in drop tests, it showed its lack of sapphire glass pretty quickly. Based on what I have seen I am positive that in one or two drops it would need a new screen. That means I needed a good case for it, and fast.

Poking around I saw that Urban Armor Gear had a case ready, and stated it was tested to twice the mil spec standard. Normally I would ignore such a claim, but my son’s iPad has been in an Urban Armor Gear case for over a year now and despite the many drops it has experienced the case and iPad are fine.

Over on YouTube, there is a channel called “EverythingApplePro” and he has been testing cases for a while now with a fifty-foot drop test. Keep in mind that these cases are rated to survive the much more realistic drop of less than a dozen feet, depending on the case. So his fifty-foot drop is well beyond reasonable and some of the cases fail spectacularly. The Urban Armor Gear Monarch case on the iPhone 6s did remarkably well in that test which gave me the confidence to put my own phone in the case.

Click to got to Amazon and purchase the case

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I was worried it would be bulky and awkward like the older big box Otter Box cases used to be. I could not have been more wrong. It is remarkably thin and light. It does not at all feel like it could protect the phone, but it does. In the case, under normal use, the only way you would break your iPhone is if the glass fell face first onto a rock that was tall enough to reach the screen despite the lip around the screen. If the case just falls on the sidewalk or street, your phone is safe.

I added to the case a Tech Armor Ballistic Glass screen protector, as the Urban Armor version is not yet available. The phone is still light and slim enough to fit in my pocket. The ports are all easy to get to, and the speakers ring clear.

I have not taken the phone to a 50-foot tower and dropped it, nor taken it down 35 feet underwater like they are doing on YouTube, but it has held up flawlessly under normal drops and spills. I am klutzy enough, that the case has already proved itself several times over.

I would happily recommend this case to anyone that wants a lightweight case to protect the phone against the normal trials and tribulations of life.

Urban Armor Gear provided a case for this unbiased review.


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