Issue with the Elwyn Chronicles.

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Any of you that have been following me for a while know that I work very hard to put out a professional product. I spend money on multiple editors, recruit teams of volunteers, and yet mistakes still  make it through. Normally, they are minor and do not really impact the reader experience.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with the release of The Elwyn Chronicles. Simply point the wrong file went out and everyone that purchased the book over the first few days, or borrowed it through Kindle Unlimited, received a copy that was missing the final proofreading pass of edits.

The corrected file was uploaded to Amazon, but Amazon has a policy of not replacing old copies of books with new ones. This means that while new readers who buy the book would get the correct copy, all those that have already purchased the book will not.

I have spent the time from release till now working with Amazon and they have finally agreed to make the corrected file available for everyone that has already purchased the book. To find out if you were affected by this issue, log on to Amazon, and go to “Manage your content and devices.” That should bring up a list of books that you have purchased. On that screen look the Elwyn Chronicles. If you have the bad file, you will see a line like:

A bar showing the update button on Amazon's site

Click image to see full size

Click where it says “update available” and you will see a screen like this:

a box showing the update dialog on Amazon's site.

Click image to see full size

Click update and Amazon will update your copy to the corrected version. If you have any trouble, please contact Amazon and they will get you sorted.

Sorry. 🙁


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2 thoughts on “Issue with the Elwyn Chronicles.

  1. Roberto

    I am sorry I will not be able to read the changes because I did not buy Season 1 omnibus but the series book by book 1 through 6 and will not be able to effect those corrections nor read Season 0. Thanks for thinking of your customers first.

    1. Vincent Post author

      This is an old post that only reflected an issue with Season Two. Season One did not have this problem, and at this point Season Two no longer does. So, no worries you have the updated text already.

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