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I did something today that I once thought was beyond me. In fact, I thought it was so far beyond me that I never considered it in the realm of possible. It was just not on my radar. I am sure most people reading this would say the same about themselves.

As I posted previously ( Read here: I am not a runner ) I have faced some very serious health issues, but even back in High School, when I was young and stupid I never considered attempting what I accomplished today. I did not even list in that posting all the serious health issues I had to over come to accomplish what I did this morning.

I wanted to post this update to that post, because today I took that to a new level. This morning, at 11:17am I cross the finish line of the Pittsburgh 2016 Marathon, earning the title Runner of Steel. I ran the full marathon in four hours and eleven minutes.

Did it hurt? Yes. Was it hard? Yes. Did I almost collapse after crossing the finish line in tears causing one of the volunteers to rush over and try to convince me to head to the medical tent? Yes. Am I still in pain more than 10 hours later as I write this? Yes. But you know what? I ran a flipping marathon, finishing well into the top half of contenders, with only a half of a functioning heart. Yes, you read that right.

Why? Because I refuse to roll over and give up. I refuse to be on piles of pills the rest of my life, and I refuse to be a slave to my glucose meter. I refuse to let my arthritis dictate what I can and can not do.

Yes, my future probably still holds a pacemaker, and I expect at some point I will have to slowly add back in pills. But not today. Today I am a Runner of Steel.

I do not know what you are facing as you read this, but what ever it is, it does not have to master you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Life is about the journey. Life is about living. Take back your life from whatever you are facing and LIVE.

You are important. You have a purpose. Discover it and own it. You got this!

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8 thoughts on “Runner Of Steel

  1. Teri Miller

    OMG you are so inspiring! I seriously would never have considered this, but you make it seem possible. Stop that…LOL!

  2. Moira

    Amazing! I was just thinking this afternoon that I should probably give up my marathon plans, but perhaps not. Perhaps not!

    1. Vincent Post author

      Never give up! Never surrender! 🙂 Seriously, some of the runners were coming in at 7+ hours. But they finished. It is doable. 🙂

  3. Ken Davidson

    You have every right to be proud of that accomplishment. Not only the running of the marathon but for not giving up on yourself. I’ve never ran a marathon and probably never will, that’s by choose, but a doctor told me back in 1971 that they would have to fuse my left knee solid, within ten years, after an incident where I bent in in the posit direction. I decided no and even though it has been replaced it works as good as any. The power of the mind is a powerful thing. I’m proud for you.

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