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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to touch base and update everyone on the state of both The Dragon Masters and The Lost Tales of Power.

First, Volume VIII of the Lost Tales is well under way. I have twelve chapters written, and many of your old favorite characters have already had brief appearances. For now, the working title is Mage Hunter, but I am not fully settled on that.

Mage Hunter will introduce you to a new character, another old associate of Grandmaster Vydor’s from before the great war, but his story will intertwine with the various groups of wizards you already know.

Second, The Dragon Masters: Season Two is with my editor still, but I spoke with her yesterday and she said she is right on schedule. That means our targeted release date of MAY 13, 2016 for Season Two is still looking good!

As a reminder, Season Two will only be released as a full set, a single long novel, and not as individual episodes. I am glad I experimented with that format in Season One, but as of right now I have no plans to repeat that. Future seasons will all be released as complete books.

Print edition of Season One is also under way. I have contracted Therin Knite (http://www.knitedaydesign.com) to format it for print, and have asked Adam Hall (http://www.aroundthepages.com), our cover artist, to adjust the cover so that it will work in print. I suspect that will be ready in the next week or two. Both of them do excellent work.

Finally, I want to share this map with you! A new artist I met here locally in town named Tessa Sentell (tessa@sentall.org) created it for us. It is the world of Ferrin as it stands at the end of Season One. I will be including it in the Season Two ebook and print book formats. I have already received one request to make a poster of this, and I am looking into what that would cost. Okay enough chatter, here is the map:

Map of Ferrin


Thanks for being such a great community of readers, and please do not forget to spread the word about these books!

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