State of the Series November 2016

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Hey everyone!

It is time for one of my world famous state of the series posts!

I had originally planed to release Rise of Shadows in audio before Christmas. It was a good plan, and sales were sufficient to raise the capital needed to hire Jack again, however the bottom fell out of my plans and that money did not come through. Right now I am shooting for first quarter 2016 to get the next book out in audio. The plan still is to have Jack do all of the Lost Tales books in audio and I am hoping to get them done sooner rather than later.

Volume Eight of the Lost Tales of Power is still slated for mid to late 2016. I have not yet locked in which book will be number eight. In the running is:

  •             The third book in the Sac’a’rith arc
  •             A new arc biased on Craig (Shea’s brother)
  •             Sequel to Spectra’s Gambit
  •             A foundations story about the orginal tearing of reality
  •             A new arc biased on the Cyborg threat

I am leaning towards the third book in the Sac’a’rith, but have not fully decided yet. I would love to hear from you! Which would you prefer?

Season Two of the Dragon Masters series is going well. I am halfway through episode four of the series. I hope to have it ready for pre-readers as early as January 2016, but that is a bit of a stretch goal right now. For those of you that asked after him, yes Lord Silverleaf will show up in the new season, as well some of your other well loved characters.

So that is the state of the series for November 2015! If you use Facebook, friend me ( and join the Lost Tales Group there (which is for all of my readers despite the name). If you prefer Twitter, you can find me there as @VincentTrigili.

Thanks for being such great readers! Please continue to spread the word about both series! Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “State of the Series November 2016

  1. Chris

    I would say do a Sequel to Spectra’s Gambit. Reason I say that is with that story you can visit the main characters that got the story going and possibly give more insight to the state of affairs in the world. I am sure it is possible to do that either way with the others but that is one guys thoughts. Loved the books by the way.

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thank you Chris!

      There are some other stories that have yet to come out of The Academy also, including what Phoenix has been up to.

      I do want to dive more into what is happening in the other realms, and the heightening tensions between Vydoria and Korshalemia, not to mention the new grandmaster sorcerer.

      I have to admit though… so far Spectra’s Gambit is my favorite book in the series, so there is a draw to writing a sequel to it next.

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