The Silverleaf Chronicles

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Click to buy Season One on Amazon!Were you waiting for the full season to be out before starting my new series? Well, you can stop waiting! The Dragon Masters Season One: The Silverleaf Chronicles has been released! It includes all seven episodes that make up the first season, which includes Episode 0: The Storymaster.

I am working hard on Season Two and hope to release it first quarter of 2016. As of right now I am pretty confident that I will abandon the serial format and release all six or seven episodes of Season Two as a single collection, unlike how I did the first Season.

Writing Season One as a serial was a good experiment, and I learned a lot by it. Namely, I learned I do not like doing it. It is a lot more work, and money, to juggle the required resources and schedules as compared to releasing a single novel.

Once Season Two is complete, the next book will be Volume VIII in the Lost Tales universe. The gang over there is getting restless! If I do not get back to them soon, they may rebel! 😉 I hope to have that out in 2016 also.

Thanks again for being such great readers, and please continue to spread the word about both series!

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