July 2016 – State of the Series

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It has been a while since I have said much, so I figure it is time for another state of the series kind of post. Though since I have two series out now, maybe that should be “states of the series”? Is there even a plural form for that? Either way here we go!

First, the new series, The Dragonmasters, is off to a stellar start. The vast majority of the feedback I have received has been extremely positive. It seem that Silverleaf and Kaylissa are worming their way in to peoples hearts already. I am slightly ahead of schedule on production with the books so all the proposed release dates look good. Right now those on my Advance Review list have a copy of Episode 3: The Hunters and they are enjoying it as much as the others.

Which brings me to my second point. With the release of Dragonmasters I have started a special list of readers. These readers cannot only get every book I write for free, but they get them around two weeks before release. All I ask in exchange is an honest review posted to Amazon on release day or close to it. This option is open for both series. Send me an email, a private message on Facebook, or contact me in some other way if you are interested. I have limited slots open so hurry if you want in.

The Lost Tales of Power series is getting a major facelift. Four of the covers are completely replaced, and three have been touched up to match the new ones. The covers are live on Amazon, and I am working on updating the rest of the stores this weekend. The paper backs will be the last ones I do because they are the ymost annoying to update and 95% or better of my sales are ebooks so I doubt anyone will even notice them having the old covers.

Here are the new covers:

In 2016 I hope to release Volume VIII of the Lost Tales of Power and Season Two of Dragonmasters. I have not yet decided which book will be the eighth one in Lost Tales yet, but I am leaning towards a third Sac’a’rith book.

Season Two of Dragonmasters I have already started and I plan it to be somewhat like The Academy. It will have a little less action than Season One, but more character growth and more information about the world. Some of which is coming directly out of questions I have gotten from readers.

So that is all the news that is fit to type this morning. Thank you for being the best group of readers ever, and please continue to spread the word about these books.

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      Robert, I will email you at the email address you gave when you posted. Thanks for your interest!

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