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Silverleaf Ep 1 web
As all the cool kids say these days, “Save the date!” Friday, June 12th, 2015 Episode One of The Silverleaf Chronicles (The Dragon Masters: Season One) will be released! Then if all goes to plan each new episode will hit every three weeks, until November 13th when the box set will hit containing all the episodes.

The Silverleaf Chronicles is Season One of a new series called “The Dragon Masters.” Each season will have between five and seven episodes, each around 15,000-20,000 words (60-80 pages) long. Season Two, The Elwyn Chronicles, will hit some time after that at a date yet to be determined.

Episode 0 of Silverleaf has already been released, as most you know. It is the short story “The Storymaster” which was released as part of the Dragon Chronicles last month.

The Silverleaf Chronicles follow the life of Silverleaf, a dragonmaster who was born into a world without dragons, and doomed to die as a madman alone in the wilderness until a young woman enters his life, and a mysterious army marches across the land destroying all in its path.

Currently Planed Release Dates (subject to change of course):


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7 thoughts on “Save The Date!

  1. Dianna Slowey-Thomas

    I have read entire book only finding 4errors in grammar and an incredible story. This should make the charts with its pov’s and character development as well as a great plot line and story that stays consistent.Where and what do you want me to post?

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thanks! Can you email me those errors you spotted? I might have time to slipstream a fix in before the book his Amazon in few days. Thanks!

  2. Linda Morris

    I just finished reading The Wanderer and now I am waiting breathlessly for the next episode. The story line is wonderful and I was immediately drawn in by the characters. Thank you for a great experience.

    1. Vincent Post author

      Great! I am really glad you enjoyed it!

      I am editing Episodes 2->6 currently. Everything looks good right now for them to come out as planned.

  3. Lori Jo Wood

    I am looking forward to reading the rest of Silverleafs adventure. Vincent’s writing keeps you wondering what will come next, as his characters move through there journey. The setting in Silverleafs travels keeps changing weaving the real world with fantasy. Awesome writing.

  4. Edward

    Wow, what a great start to the Silverleaf Chronicles! I enjoy your character development, and the storyline is creating a wonderful tapestry of intrigue, suspense, colourful characters in a well described world. I look forward to the next part of Silverleaf’s journey. Well done!

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