Dragon Chronicles hits number one!

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Time for another random update on the various going ons here! First I am sure many of you notice the new look! Well, Google, the all powerful master of search, passed new rules regarding how sites appear in their index, so I had to update the site to comply. Instead of stopping there, I went ahead and redid a lot. Hopefully the new site is faster, cleaner, easier to read, and all around better. If not, just be patient, I will probably update it again in another four or five years.

I also wanted everyone to know that The Academy is now available in hardcover! You can drop by my printer and buy a copy direct for 40% off the cover price, or you can wait to buy it on Amazon, for full price. It is your call, but I suggest you take advantage of the 40% off.

I am also now making the hardcovers available for those of you that like signed copies. Just click on the button on the right hand side of this page that says “Signed Copies” to be taken to the storefront where you can order them.

Progress on Silverleaf is going well! I expect to send it to pre-readers in the next two weeks. If you are on my mailing list you should have already received the email with the invite to pre-read. If you have not, please check your spam or promotions folders.

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone that helped with the launch of The Dragon Chronicles! It was a massive success. For a while we held the NUMBER ONE position on the Amazon Hot New Releases list! If you have not picked up your copy yet, please do! It includes my story, The Storymaster, which is the prequel to Silverleaf (or would have been a prequel if Silverleaf was not late, ops.)

Thanks again, and please spread the word about my novels!

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Chronicles hits number one!

  1. Dawna Light

    I have just read the Wanderer and thoroughly enjoyed and like every good read it has left me
    hanging and just can’t wait for book #2. The wanderer is very suspenseful, and very different from any other book of this type that I have read I look so forward for the further
    adventures of Silverleaf!

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