Update on Silverleaf and Enemy of an Enemy

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Hey every one!

I wanted to update everyone on where Silverleaf is in its process of getting ready and share some news about the Lost Tales series all at once!

First Silverleaf is now in its first round of editing. It is about a quarter of the way done. There will be two or three rounds of editing total before it goes out to pre-readers. This means all of you that want to pre-read should make sure you are on my mailing list and that my news letters are not going to your spam folder. My primary means of finding pre-readers is through that mailing list, so get on it now while you still can.

I am still hoping for a June release, but it really is not looking good right now. I will know more once we get the book to the pre-readers and on our editor’s calendar.

Second, I can now officially announce that Enemy of an Enemy is available in hardcover complete with dust jacket! It has been professionally formatted and looks beautiful. It will be another six to eight weeks before it hits Amazon and the other bookstores but you can get it today direct from our printer. It is much cheaper (forty percent cheaper actually) if you go direct, so I highly suggest you do that. Here are some pictures:

Enemy Hardcover

I am planning right now to release every book in hard cover over the next year. I am shooting for one every six to eight weeks due to the amount of time and effort involved. We will see how it goes!

Do not forget The Dragon Chronicles will be coming out in mid-April and we will have a big Facebook Launch Party for it with free gifts, and time for everyone to chat with all the various authors in the anthology. Dragon will contain the prequel to The Silverleaf Chronicles so you will want to grab copy ahead of the release of Silverleaf.

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