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Hey everyone!

Now that the Rebirth release is behind us, I am ready to start talking about the future! There will be a few posts on this subject as I want to lay out some plans for the series, some of which were in place since day one, and some of which are new experiments based on what I have learned since releasing my first book in November of 2010.

So first off, in mid to late April The Dragon Chronicles will hit the market. That is an anthology of awesome authors all writing stories involving some kind of dragon or dragon like creature. It is in the same series as The Telepath Chronicles, and it will feature a story by me called “The Storymaster.”

“The Storymaster” is a prequel to what will be my eighth novel, which will be called The Silverleaf Chronicles. Silverleaf is one of those new experiments that I mentioned above, and was not part of my original plan for the Lost Tales brand. If this works out well, I will roll it in to my master plan for the series. If not, I will drop it and try other fun and exciting things.

The first big difference is that Silverleaf will be released as a serialized novel. That means it will be released in six separate parts that are roughly sixty or so pages each. When the time comes (hopefully June) each part will be release one by one with a few weeks between them. Once all six are out, a “box set” (a.k.a. Season One) will be release that will contain all six parts, and the prequel.

The second big difference is that there are no spaceships in Silverleaf. In fact, Season One will feel very much like a Fantasy story instead of my traditional Space Opera. There is good reason for that to be revealed at a later date.

Another big difference is that Vydor and the others do not appear in Season One of Silverleaf. Also, unlike every book since Enemy, it will only follow a single point of view character through till the end of the first season. It is still told in first person past tense, with my typical character driven style, just the POV does not change.

I am setting it up as its own brand for now in order to prevent confusion by those that do not read this blog. Here are the covers we have so far for the six episodes:

Silverleaf Series Covers

Do not worry, the Lost Tales characters you already know and love will be back in future books. In a future blog post I will explain the over arching master plan that has not changed since November 2010. That will help explain where I am going with the series. I think you will be pleased.

Thanks for reading, and please keep spreading the word!

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5 thoughts on “The Silverleaf Chronicles

  1. Ken Davidson

    I’m excited to see what you do with Silverleaf. Like your other fans, I truly believe if you write it I will enjoy it. I stopped in the middle of the 5th book of a 9 book series to read Rebirth and will stop whatever I’m reading when each Silverleaf comes out. Enjoyed The Sac’a’rith Rebirth very much. In trouble with the wife for staying up so late at night though.

  2. Kelly

    I just finished reading the first Silverleaf book, my opinion, way too short! I am eager for the entire Chronicle now that I am invested! 😉

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