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Hey everyone! This is a very busy week for us here in Lost Tales HQ! As we approach the release of Rebirth I wanted to touch on upcoming events again. That way everyone has a chance to take part in whichever fun events they choose!

Rebirth CoverFirst, Friday March 13th is the release day of Rebirth, but you can pre order it right now at the reduced price of $2.99! After it goes live the price will go to $4.99 so order now and lock in your savings!

Second, also launching on March 13th is The A.I. Chronicles. I do not have a story in it this Click to see this book on Amazontime, but it is in the same Future Chronicles series that contains Telepath Chronicles and Dragon Chronicles, both of which I am in. These anthologies collections always have great stories by both well-known and not so well known authors. There will be a Facebook launch party on that Friday, with lots of giveaways and time to chat with the various authors. There will be a guest post on this blog that Friday with more information. So be sure to check it out!

Third ALSO on March 13th (busy day!) a special newsletter will go out to everyone on our newsletter list (and the newsletter list only). I mentioned this previously, but I felt I should say it again. It is an experimental promotion with many authors, some of which I know and many I do not. There will be free books, prizes, and other great promotions in it. It will be the first time I have ever sent something like this to my newsletter subscribers so please give me feedback on the emil after you see it.

Forth, April 17th is currently the tentative release date for The Dragon Chronicles. You will want to get a copy of this, as it will contain a novella by me called The Storymaster, which is a prequel to Silverleaf.

Finally, I am currently working through the second draft of Silverleaf. I have also received the first round of mock up covers for it. I am very excited about this book, and there will be news forth coming on it after we survive March. It might be my favorite book so far! I am shooting for a May or June release for it, but we are too far out to tell yet.

That is all the current news right now. Please remember to spread the word about the books and please leave reviews of every book that you have read! Thanks!

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