Review: The Merkiaari Wars by Mark E. Cooper

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MerkiaariThe Merkiaari Wars is a military science fiction series by Mark E. Cooper. It centers on humanities war for survival against the Merkiaari. For a change of pace I have been listening to the audiobook version instead of reading it making this my first official audiobook review and recommendation.

The series starts out as a group of explorers come across a new alien race called the Shan. Book one follows the team as they do their best not to blunder first contact and recover from the blunders they made along the way. Later books cover the on going relationship with the Shan, and the new Merkiaari war (as evident in the title).

I am currently most of the way through book two and have heard by mistake several hours of book three. I can say that the story is very enjoyable and is a good mix of action and character development. Mr. Cooper gives enough backstory to give you the sense that the characters are real people with out distracting from the primary plot line. The story has good depth and is easy to sit back and just listen.

Mikael Naramore, the narrator, did a marvelous job reading. His diction is clear, and his range of voices is more than sufficient to cover the cast of characters. I was thrown a bit off when he read “beep beep” and other sound effects instead of using special effects, but those are so few and far between that it does not detract from the story at all.

The books do have a scattering of curses through them, and at least one fade to black love scene. There are some adult conversations about relationships and sex and there is plenty of violence with some gore (it is a war story at its core). As such I would recommend this only to mature readers (listeners?).

Over all this has been a fun listen and I plan to read (hear?) the whole series.

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2 thoughts on “Review: The Merkiaari Wars by Mark E. Cooper

  1. Ken Davidson

    I concur on your review of The Merkiaari Wars. I have read the trilogy and intend to read the rest, or maybe listen now that you have me hooked. The series so far has been exciting with plenty of action to keep you opening the book back up to see what happens next.
    Hope all is going well for you and you family in your new calling, just don’t forget to set aside enough time for “Lost Tales Of Power” 🙂

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thanks! I am working on the next book – but with the day-job transition its going slower than I would like. I’ll post an update when I cross 80k words probably.

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