Robby Episode 16 – Webcam – Part 3

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Episode 16 – Webcam – Part 3
Originally Released on September 11th, 2005

This one was simple adaptation to the common batteries-not-included gag. Seems like no matter what you order for this hobby there is always something else you need.

Episode 16

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2 thoughts on “Robby Episode 16 – Webcam – Part 3

  1. Ken Davidson

    I thought I was the only one that was that dumb. I can remember my first printer, dot matrix, gosh that has been a while back. Got it home and was all excited only to find out it didn’t have an interface cable. Salesperson could have told me but guess they may of been to inexperienced, or dumb, to know themselves.

    1. Vincent Post author

      I used to sell computer printers, and to the best of my memory I always sold a cable. Our mangers pushed us on stuff like that because there was more profit in selling cables than there was in selling printers. There was no money in the printer, it was just a means to get you to buy cables, paper, ink and extended warranties. 🙂

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