Audio Book Headed To Retail!

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Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to update you on the progress of the audio release. Yesterday the status of the audio book went from “In Review” to “Headed to Retail.” All I know for sure at this time is that means it passed the quality control checks. Other authors have told me that also means that it is less than a week away from actual release when it hits that status. So I think that means we are close!

Since Amazon is the publisher on this, they set the release date, and price, without informing me. That means I will only find out by randomly refreshing the page to see if it is release. This means some of you might find out before me if you are watching for it. If you do, post to the Facebook Group and let me know! Thanks!

Until then, here are two samples from the finished product. The first is the prologue, which was released last week, and the second is chapter five which is previously unreleased! Why chapter five? Well, because it would have been a bad idea to release the last chapter of the book of course! Hence, chapter five is the best choice.


Also, in case you did not get my email, I will be offering free review copies of the audio book a couple weeks after it is out (I have to wait on Amazon to open that option for me). If you will promise to post a review on the audio book, I will give you a copy of the audio book for free, while supplies last. This is important; I only get a very limited number of copies to give out, so if you take one I really need you to post a review.

I would like to get The Academy done for a pre-Christmas release. In order for that to happen, I need your help. Amazon is only paying for Enemy to be produced, and no others at this time. This means I need Enemy to sell really well so that I can raise the money to produce Academy myself. So I really need everyone to help spread the word.




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1 thought on “Audio Book Headed To Retail!

  1. Ken Davidson

    That is a whole different experience for me. I have never listened to a audio book before. The closest was the first example you posted. I rather enjoyed it. Can’t wait til it comes out. It opens you up to a whole new market. I’m truely glad for you.

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