The Enemy of an Enemy Audio Book!

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The Enemy Audio Book

We are getting close to completing the audio rendition of Enemy of an Enemy! Soon it will be off to Amazon for final quality control checks, which probably will take around three weeks. After that Amazon will publish it, and the world of audio will get its first taste of our universe!

Jack De Golia has been great to work with, and I think you will all love his rendition. He has put up with some very picky edits from me that had us going back and forth over what was the right way to say words, verse what was actually pronounceable. I will say if he pronounces anything different from what you think it should be, it is probably all my fault!

REMEMBER – Everyone on the mail list will have a chance to win a free copy of the audio book. Everyone in the Facebook group will also have a chance to win a free copy. That is at least two free copies I will give away. If I suddenly get a flood of sign ups I will toss more free copies in the mix! So spread the word wide, it could very well increase your chances to win! I will leave the contest open for about a week after the audio book is live to give as many people a chance to get it as possible.

So here is the long awaited first sample of the audio…

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4 thoughts on “The Enemy of an Enemy Audio Book!

  1. Ken Davidson

    That’s awesome, glad to finally hear a sample. It brings back memories of when I started reading the series. Trying to figure out how you will sign the audio books. 🙂

  2. Vincent Post author

    Hmm, we could hook up a tape deck, record the audio on umm 10 or 12 tapes and then I could sign each tape. 😀

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thanks! Should be soon. The book is with Amazon’s QC department right now. Probably less then 2 weeks till release.

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