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Hey everyone! Remember how I had said that I would have big news soon, but then kind of stopped talking about it? Well that was simply because the deal that I was working fell through and left us scrambling to recover. This has set all kinds of schedules behind track, including Volume VII, but such is life. However, I now have new big news! That’s right, and instead of tease you with it, I can tell you right now!

Amazon has decided to back Enemy of an Enemy, as in putting real money on the table, so that it can be produced as an audio book! Amazon is covering the entire bill, and handling all the rights negotiations. They will make sure the audiobook gets in to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes (those three are basically the entire audio market).

I spent a lot of time listening to auditions from professional narrators, all vying to do Enemy! It turns out that when narrators hear that Amazon is backing a project they come running. I could have chosen any one of several front-runners and all of them would have produced an excellent product. I was impressed at the amount of voice talent available to the project. In the end I had to just pick one and one of the big deciding factors was production schedule. The narrator we decided to go with should be able to get volumes one and two both ready for Christmas.

Right now we are looking at late October, maybe early November (depends on Amazon’s quality control schedule) for the release of Enemy as an audio book, and we should have a sample of the book ready for you to hear by late September. Here is the cover:

The Enemy of an Enemy Audio Book

Jack de Golia is the narrator we are going with. He has tons of credits and if you head to his webpage you can hear samples of his work. There you can a bibliography of his work and learn other information about him. The plan is to have him do the entire series, even the now behind schedule Volume VII.

Now, I want to get The Academy done for Christmas, but Amazon is only paying for one book. I do not have any reason to expect they will pick up Volume two also, so that means the only way I will be able to afford to do Academy is if all of you really get out there and brag about books. Talk about them on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or where ever you hang out.

I will also need you to get on audible and review the audio book as close to release day as possible, preferably on release day. The more reviews we can have on release day the better. When you are bragging about the series mention the audiobooks that are coming.

In short I need to raise a lot of money (well a lot of money to me) in a very brief period of time in order to pull off producing Academy for Christmas. After that each new book will need money to produce, but my hope is that the audio book sales from Volume I and II will cover the production of Volume III, and so on for the rest of the series.

No matter what – Enemy will be produced. Amazon is backing it, and that is really cool.

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6 thoughts on “Big News! Big News!

  1. Loey

    Thanks for sharing the fan-tastic news. You deserve this and I can’t wait until the audio book comes out. You SO deserve this!!

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thanks Loey! This is really cool, it is not something I would have considered possible even 3 months ago. Still a bit surprised by it!

  2. Ken Davidson

    Congratulations are defiantly in order. It speaks volumes for Amazon to have so much faith in your book. Seems as they are finally figuring out what your fans have known from the beginning, that your books are spectacular. You have earned your moment in the spotlight.

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