Robby Episode 9

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Episode 9 – The Back Issue Originally Released on July 24th, 2005

The idea from this one came out of the way some stories in popular magazines and websites are written. They often will say things like “This April 10th there will be a great meteor shower…”, or “Next month there will be a real treat in the sky…” or something else along those lines. It occurred to me that someone who picked up the magazine and did not know it was a back issue…

This also is the first departure from the standard three-panel that Robby has used up to this point. The addition of the fourth frame forced us into a vertical format (based on the old website) which I really do not like, so we stayed with the three-frame layout for most of the strips.


Click image for larger size

Click image for larger size

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2 thoughts on “Robby Episode 9

  1. Ken Davidson

    It seem that I am always looking in the wrong section of the sky when the meteor falls, or I doze off just as they are beginning.
    Honestly though, when I was a teenager, way way back there, my friends and I would climb on to of our garage and watch Sputnik go over. The radio stations would announce the time and location for viewing. The simpler days when you only had one object moving across the night sky, except for the UFO’s of course.

    1. Vincent Post author

      Yeah, these days it seems like every time you look up you can see a satellite or three at least. When I had my astrophotography equipment (need to get back into that someday) it was a real problem. I would be shooting for hours and have to throw away work because several satellites would fly through and ruin the shot. Planes are a real problem too. Our skies are quite busy!

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