Rebel Wing by Tracy Banghart

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Rebel Wing by Tracy Banghart is a story about a young woman who must give up everything she has in order to gain back the one thing she lost. Her story is told against the backdrop of a nation fighting a loosing war and the treachery that comes with desperation.

The book follows the path of Aris as she transitions from being a helpless lame girl into a soldier. When the story opens Aris is living peacefully with her parents in a section of her nation that is far enough away from the war to be at peace even though they are losing the war. Her boyfriend, Calix, is recruited and leaves before they can get “promised”.

Aris who, despite her lame leg, is an expert pilot and is recruited to join a secret group of women that serve in the military despite the law against females serving. She joins at first in hopes that she will be able to join Calix and serve with him, but her motivation changes as the story goes on.

The core of the novel is the growth and development of Aris as a person. She starts off weak and innocent, and must over come that to survive. The war, espionage, and treachery serves mainly as a backdrop to Aris’s personal story. Aris is likeable and it was easy to root for her as you got wrapped up in the story.

If you are the kind of person looking for a war story that is about the fighting, and combat this is not the book for you. While there is some of that in it, it is very subdued. If you enjoy deep espionage and stories of betrayal this is not the story for you, despite those elements being present. There are also elements of romance and unrequited love, but they are not the focus either.

However, if you are looking for a story about how a young woman comes to age in a setting with all those elements in it, then Rebel Wing is for you.

The novel is well written with out any sex (though there are some sexual tensions that Aris has to work through) or gore. The language is surprisingly and refreshingly clean for a story about soldiers at war. I would judge the book suitable for any teenager and up, but as always parents should evaluate the book for themselves.

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NOTE: I was given an ARC (advanced reader copy) by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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