July 12th Updates and News

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Hey everyone! It is time for one of my seemingly random updates on the series and things unrelated to it! There is much to be excited about; that is if you are the kind of person that gets excited by random posts from eccentric authors.

By now you have surely noticed the Robby comics. I hope you are enjoying them. Please let me know either in the comments below, or on our Facebook page what you think of them. I have a couple-few years worth of them and I will continue to post them if you all are enjoying them, or at least do not hate them.

I have also started another section called book reviews. These are not book reviews in the strictest sense, as I will only post reviews for books I like. That means they are more of “Vincent’s Reading Recommendations”, but that is to long of a title for a nice web page layout, so I am calling them “Book Reviews” instead. I have put some up that I have written in the past just so that the section has content to get started with.

The Sac’a’rith: Rebirth is going well. I am about twenty thousand words into it, which if this book is about the same length as prior books makes it about 20% done. I have also started book eight which will be another new story arch for the Lost Tales universe. I have about three thousand words of that one done, but it will be mothballed for a while.

Keep an eye on the Wiki! My wife has started updating it. The information it will need editing and updating, but at least it is growing again! Organization of it will drift over time as we figure out how best to put the information in there. Keep in mind if you have not read all the current books there are significant spoilers in it. Enter at your own discretion.

Finally, I wanted to let you know about two upcoming anthologies I am in. The first is a flash fiction anthology that has 101 independent authors represented in it. It will be free and contain 101 short stories. I have a story about Dusty in it, and it will probably come out late in the fall. More as that develops. The second one is a science fiction anthology that will feature longer works (some closer to novella length), and there will be another Lost Tales story in it. I am not aloud to say more than that yet.

So there you have it, all the news I felt fit to type this morning! Please remember to spread the word about the series! Thanks!

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1 thought on “July 12th Updates and News

  1. Ken Davidson

    Yes, enjoying Robby and enjoy the updates. Can relate to the end cap on the telescope, tried moving around the skies for stars before realizing I had made the stupid error. Never admitted it to anyone I knew. Glad to see yor book reviews, had picked up 80 AD myself. Also I’m reading the “Scrapyard Ship” series by Mark McGinnis while awaiting your next installment. It is a pretty good read with a different twist if any of your readers are looking for something to fill the gaps.

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