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Pennsylvania by Michael BunkerAs an avid reader myself, who would lay in bed reading all day long if that was a realistic option, I am often searching for fun books to read. I am looking for books that are optimistic and clean. I only have limited time for reading, so I have gotten very picky over the years. I avoid horror, romance, and so on. I simply do not want to waste my meager reading time with books that are not to my taste. Recently I went out looking for a new book to read and despite being struck by lightning, I grabbed a book called Pennsylvania.

Michael Bunker’s novel, Pennsylvania, is what he calls Amish Science Fiction. To the best of my limited knowledge, it is the only work that falls into that genre in existence. Really you should not still be reading this review. Let me repeat, it is Amish Science Fiction. Can you not see how awe inspiring of a combination that is? Well read on then.

The book tells the story of a man named Jed (no, he did not find any bubbling crude) who simply wants to move to the new Amish lands on a new planet that was discovered. Before he even gets to the spaceport for the ride he is swept up in a massive war among the English, and learns that the world he thinks exists is not what it seems. Jed is forced against his will to play out a part between warring fractions of Englishers.

The story is light, and what I will for now on call Amish-Clean. It is safe to read to any age group that can handle the reality of death and bad people doing bad things. The book was edited well enough that I did not notice any errors, but as my readers know I am a poor judge of that.

The story pacing was balanced, with few slow parts and even fewer high-speed parts. I really found the dive into the Amish culture to be interesting, as I know very little about them. Jed was likable and easy to root for as he tries to survive his trip through the English world.

If I was to suggest improvements to this story I would say that Mr. Bunker spent a bit too much time developing how to raise a barn (and some other similar things), and that Jed was a bit too smart to be believed. Jed adapts very quickly to using and mastering technology. With out giving any spoilers, Jed makes the transition from an eighteen-year-old Amish farm boy to technological mastermind too easy and fast. He just feels a bit too perfect and too well rounded.

Overall the story was a fun read and I will be watching for the sequel. If you want to know about the lightning strike I mentioned, like my page on Facebook and ask. Either way, definitely drop by your favorite retailer and pick up a copy.


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