Robby The Astrodude

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I used to run a major astronomy forum and I made these comics at that time. I roughed out the comic and gave it to Kristi who then hand drew the artwork in pieces, I then scanned, cleaned up and assembled them in Photoshop and finally added the text. I ended up giving up on it after a couple years because it took many hours each week to make one comic. I recently posted a few of them to our Facebook page and have gotten positive feed back, so I decide I would add them to this site.

I will  repost them in order from time to time. I do not know how often yet, I will work that out as we go. But first to catch this site up to the Facebook page, here are the first three episodes. You can click on them to make them bigger if they are to small for you to read:

Episode 1 - 05/29/2005

Episode 1 – 05/29/2005

Episode 2 - 06/05/2005

Episode 2 – 06/05/2005

Episode 3 - 06/12/2005

Episode 3 – 06/12/2005

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1 thought on “Robby The Astrodude

  1. Kristi (Vincent's Wife)

    Hooray for Robby! These comics never get old to me. So funny! Thanks for posting them, Vincent. Please do continue to post them. I’ll try to remind you. 😀

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