Spectra’s Gambit and an Upcoming Sale!

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Spectra’s Gambit is going live! It should soon start showing up for pre-order in various stores around the net. As of the time I am writing this, Kobo has it live for preorder, as does Smashwords. I suspect that Apple will not actually get the pre-order up in time, and I am really just hoping they have it up by the official release date. Amazon does not allow me to do pre-orders, so they will not have the book till the official release date. It will be live on Google Play for preorder soon, likely in the next 48-72 hours.

The official release day is FRIDAY JUNE 13th! Yes, that makes two Friday the 13th releases back to back! I am hoping to get volume seven out around December 13th (not a promise, merely a desire at this point), but sadly it will not be a Friday this year.

In other news I have another new release coming soon, probably some time in the next few weeks. I will be releasing the second bundle, which will include the full text of volumes 4,5, and 6. Just like the first bundle it will include a brief introduction to each story, and be priced below the cost of buying all three books separately.

One last piece of news. Starting June 15th, I will be putting the first bundle on sale for just $1.99 for the entire week. I will be paying for some advertising for the sale in my first-ever serious attempt at marketing. Please help spread the word of the sale; it would be a great time for new readers to join the family!

One final note, if you have read the books and not published any reviews in the store where you bought them, please do! Advertisers, promoters and others watch reviews and having as few as I do (especially on the first bundle, which only currently has 2 and really needs at least 10) limits the options open to me to do marketing. Thanks!


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