Spectra’s Gambit is back from the editor!

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Last night the file came in from our editor with her edits. It always amazes me what she finds in the book for editing. It will take me quite a bit of time to work through all her edits, but I am still shooting for Friday, June 20th as the official launch date. 

Now, keep in mind this book as already gone through a dozen pre-readers and several editing passes by both my wife and I before we sent it off for professional editing. Some of my pre-readers have told me the book was well edited before it even reached them. I have said in the past that when Elaine gets a hold of the story she makes it virtually drip with red ink. Here is an example of what I mean:

Page from Spectra's Gambit

Every page is like that; some are even redder. So as you can see I have my work cut out for me. I will go through every single edit, one by one and accept or reject them. Based on past experience, I would say 90% of the edits I will accept, another 5-7% I will make a different change then she suggested, and reject what is left.

Most of the changes are easy stuff, things like overused phrases or choosing the wrong word, but she did find a few story issues that are going to be much more work to fix.

I am grateful to have her on the team, and I think her professionalism really shines out in the final product. So enough stalling… back to work for me!

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