Introducing: Jason Gurley

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Hey everyone! I want to give y’all a quick update on Spectra’s Gambit. I am waiting on the final round of feedback from the pre-readers, but so far they all love it and tell me that everyone should buy thousands of copies (okay, that might be putting words in their mouths…)! Seriously, the pre-reader feedback has been very positive! On Sunday night I will send the manuscript off to my professional editor who will brutally assault the work with a massive red pen of doom (well she uses MS Word, but you get the idea). This means that you can expect Spectra’s Gambit by the end of June. I am hoping for a Friday the thirteenth release, but that might be pushing the time line to hard. I will let you know as I go.

Thanks to you readers caring enough to buy the books I write, I have been able to meet some great people from the writing industry. One of those people is Jason Gurley. You might not know his name, but if you spent any time browsing the science fiction best sellers list on Amazon, then you have admired his artwork, which has graced many top sellers books. He has a very distinct style to his art that is rich and deep.

Well I was just randomly chatting online with him the other day and he mentioned his upcoming book, Eleanor, which is due out June 27th. I have not read any of his books, and honestly did not realize he wrote books in addition to his covers until that moment (but don’t tell him that). So I read a sample from the new book, and I have to tell you it is excellent writing. It is very setting driven, but that what you would expect from an artist. It has rich deep descriptions, something I am not very good at actually.

When I asked him about the book, Jason told me it was a clean coming of age contemporary fantasy (that means a fantasy story that has all the fantasy style and elements, but takes place in present day) with a very small amount of bad language. He also told me something else; he is giving away free copies of it! That is right, everyone that signs up to his news letter in the next week or two will get a free advanced reader copy (ARC). Unlike pre-reader copies, ARCs are fully edited complete copies of the final product.

I was like “Free clean fiction? I must tell my friends about this!” So drop his page,, and sign up so you can get his book free. If you love it, give him a review on Amazon in appreciation.

That is all! Now I have to get back to polishing Spectra’s Gambit so that it is ready by Sunday!

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1 thought on “Introducing: Jason Gurley

  1. Loey

    Vincent, I havent found inconsistencies at all. I have a few notes for you but with the Internet problems I’m having its hard for me to send email or anything. I’m amazed I can respond here(on my mac in an uncomfortable chair).Thank God I can still pre-read your phenomenal book! Sometimes I find myself wanting to slow down. That’s a high compliment – it means I don’t want the book to end. Will spend the day reading and hope to be back online after I go to the Apple Store tonight, Im hoping to leave with a new iPhone & iPad. Keep up the good work Vinnie! I’m sending links and emails to everyone I know. Will resume that once my access is fixed.

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