New Bundles!

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Hey everyone, I just tossed a brand new book up on Amazon! Ok, so it is not exactly new, but it has a great new cover! Yep, the cover is completely new,! The newest cover I have currently! Excited yet? Read on to find out more…

So here is the deal, in order to keep up with an ever-changing market I am changing the way I am bundling books. The new bundling will be three books at a time, instead of four, which will give me greater flexibility in marketing but I need your help. The first new bundle is up on Amazon at $6.99 for volumes 1-3.

Volumes 1-3

Click image to go to Amazon and leave a review! 🙂

There is no new material in this book. If you have already purchased the first three volumes there is no reason to get it, but what I need from you is reviews. Please go to Amazon right now and leave a review of the first three books on that bundle. You can even copy/paste the review you left on the original books. The plan is simple: I will use this new bundle as my loss leader to funnel new readers into the series. I will do that by running sales from time to time on the bundle but that will only work if the book has enough reviews to be noticed by the advertisers out there.

I will soon put the bundle on sale for dirt-cheap and run a few inexpensive advertisements for it. That would be a great time for you to tell others about the series and encourage them to put up a copy of this bundle.

So in short, go to Amazon and leave a review on the bundle.

Also in the future there will be more bundles like this, and I have the covers already! Yep, here they are:

All Three Bundles



That is all for now. Do not forget you can chat with me on FACEBOOK and my personal TWITTER (or the dedicated book TWITTER). I am fairly regular in hanging out in both locations and often drop out tidbits of news and information that is just to small for a full blog post or email.


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2 thoughts on “New Bundles!

  1. Loey

    The covers are awesome. I’ll write a review (or find my old one) and make sure I C&P it. I’m posting your updates on my FB timeline and have sent links for the books to my friends who enjoy your genre. Keep up the phenomenal work!!!!!


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