The Night Wisp

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While I wait on pre-readers to send in feedback I have started a new project because I do not have enough to do yet with writing volume seven, getting Spectra’s Gambit done, and everything else. I have three chapters done in volume seven, so that is off to a good start at least.

I spent yesterday and today working on an actual design for one of the ships that is key in the stories. I used to have The Nevermore drawn up, but I have lost that, making this new one the only design on paper for any ship in the Lost Tales universe.

Below is the cruiser from The Sac’a’rith known as the Night Wisp. The original design intention for this class of craft is for short runs from system to system with travel times of a few weeks to a few months long. Narcion and his team moved on to this ship full time, and as a result had to dock from time to time to pick up supplies. The schematic below is roughly to scale, with each box in the grid equal to two square meters.

The Night Wisp is seventy-eight meters long, and fifty-four meters wide. It has ten crew quarters each containing a bed, personal storage and bathroom facilities. As of the end of The Sac’a’rith only four of the crew quarters are being used, but Narcion’s room has been kept pretty much exactly as he left it. It has two eighteen by sixteen meter cargo bays, a one hundred and sixty-eight square meter common area, and a similarly sized sick bay.

One cargo bay is used primarily for training and other physical activities. For a brief time, one of the cargo bays served as a holding area for some military officers that Narcion rescued. Narcion’s quarters house the only known gate (as of the end of Spectra’s Gambit) outside of the Wizard Kingdom.

So here it is, please leave comments and let me know what you think of it. I am considering making up more of these kind of schematics as they will help with consistency in the stories as the universe grows.  (Click on the image to see a bigger version of it.)

Night Wisp Floor Plan

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2 thoughts on “The Night Wisp

  1. Ken Davidson

    Saw this earlier but have been busy packing all day. Nice to see a picture to go along with the story. Glad you posted the layout of the ship instead of a picture of it. That would have been nice also but I like seeing the layout, can use my imagination more this way. I noticed when reading the book and you brought it up here that the gate still exist in Narcion’s quarters after the one in his house was destroyed. Maybe I’m thinking, a possible use in other books.
    Glad to hear the book is getting closer.

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thanks for your comments! Yeah, I am actually thinking about a photo of this also, but I really wanted to establish size and layout because this ship is returning in Volume 7, and it is consider to be a smaller craft so I needed to get the layout right. Some day if I can get the time, things like this would go in the wiki for easy reference but at least it exists now. 🙂

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