April 24th Updates

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Hey everyone! I have some minor news and updates for y’all! First and foremost – yes we are working on Spectra’s Gambit! I expect to send out an invite for pre-readers soon. In fact – if you are not yet on my mailing list, you best get on it fast because they get first dibs on all pre-reader spots! Click -> HERE <- to go directly to the sign up page.

Second, I have bookmarks now! Check them out:

Bookmark Photo


Cool huh? I just now have to figure out how to best use them. I am thinking of carrying them with me to speaking engagements to hand out. I have given away a few to local readers already. I will also carry them with me as I travel and possibly leave some in strategic places. Any suggestions from y’all out there in cyberspace?

Third bit of news, I have started work on book seven. Volume seven, which is unnamed at this point, will be the sequel to The Sac’a’rith. It will follow the adventures of Zah’rak and his friends as they learn what it means to be members of the noble order of the Sac’a’rith.

Following that will most likely be another branch off the main trunk. I have several story lines that I want to tell and I just need to decide which I want to go with next. I might go back in time 10,000 years and tell Narcion’s story, or I might jump over to Korshalemia and tell what happened to Craig after Shea left him. At some point I plan to write the Foundations of Empire and tell how the Empire was originally formed. There is also a couple other story lines that I cannot mention yet as they would spoil the books that have not come out yet. So I have lots of options. Just need to pick!

That is all for now! Please remember to spread the word about the series and to leave reviews in what ever store you purchased the books from. Thanks!

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1 thought on “April 24th Updates

  1. Loey

    Ready to report to work as a pre- reader! Can’t wait! Wish I could send you my son’s sci-fi screenplay but I’m not allowed to share it until he “shops out around” LOL! I think you’d enjoy it. Can’t wait to escape into the multiverse!!!!

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