It is April 10th!

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So today is April the tenth, in the year two thousand and fourteen by the common reckoning. It is a Thursday, and that makes it a very interesting day for many reasons, most of which you can find in the Wikipedia article for today. However there are two events that make today even more exciting than Wikipedia could ever guess!

First, today is my birthday! That is right, today is that special day of the year when everyone celebrates that I am one year closer to death! Birthdays are a funny thing when you think about it. One person put it this way: It is like being on an elevator in a skyscraper that is plummeting to its doom and cheering as you pass each floor. So, join mean in cheering my charge to the end today with a stiff drink (I prefer Cold Stone, you can pick the milkshake vender of your choice – just order it extra thick in my honor!). Of course if you REALLY want to rock it hard, you could drop by my wish list on Amazon and totally waste some of your money on me.

In honor of the work my mother put in all those years ago to kick me out of the womb, so that I could eventually grow up and write these books for you all, I am revealing Spectra’s Gambit’s cover!


I will admit I was fearful of this cover because Spectra is a fan favorite, but thanks to the help of some of you whom I have contact through Facebook and Twitter, (which btw is always the first place I look for fan feedback – so look for me there!) I think we nailed her look.

So there you have it, now I have to get back to working on getting the book actually released. I hope to have the book in the hands of pre-readers soon, so if you want to take part in that opportunity make sure you are on my mailing list!

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10 thoughts on “It is April 10th!

  1. Loey

    Happy birthday to my favorite author! Can’t wait to read Spectra’s Gambit. LOVE the cover! Enjoy your milkshake!!!!

  2. deirdre

    Happy Birthday Vincent! That cover is pretty slick! I like the cat’s glowing green eyes especially 🙂

  3. Ken Davidson

    Happy Birthday wishes from a fan. Instead of falling from a skyscraper which puts you at the bottom in the end, try to think of it as a loss of gravity and you start floating upward toward heaven. Of course the older you get the faster the floors seem to go by. Have a wonderful life.

  4. Ken Davidson

    Liked the cover, the Erie looking planet in the back ground and the being with pointed ears and glowing eyes caught my attention.

  5. Jillian

    Happy Birthday Vincent!!! the cover looks awesome! I can’t wait for the release. Have a great day filled with fun and all the happiness in the world. May all your wishes come true.

  6. Kristi (Vincent's Wife)

    Happy Birthday to the best husband EVER! As Ken mentioned, you are closer to eternity with Jesus, and that IS something to celebrate! Plus, you’re another year wiser, and it’s nice to have a day to be celebrated, honored, and made to feel special. God bless you, my Love!

    And thank you to everyone who is posting warm wishes for Vincent. God bless you, too!

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