Spectra’s Gambit, The Academy, and more!

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So a few updates for everyone. First I have crossed over ninety thousand words in Spectra’s Gambit! That means I might be able to release it as soon as May or June. I am not making any promises yet, but it is looking good for a late spring release. If that happens, we might be able to get volume seven (which I must come up with a name for) out in time for Christmas. I would love to hit December 13th again, but time will tell.

In other news, I just got back The Academy from my editor! That’s right, the only book in the Lost Tales universe that has never been edited has lost that title! I am working through the edits now, and hope to push it out soon. For those that purchased the Academy through Smashwords, you can easily download the newest version at anytime. I have to asked Amazon to push the update to all the Kindle users, but the rest of the stores do not really cooperate with me for these kinds of updates. I will put “Second Edition” on the title page so that you can know if you received the updated version. If for some reason you cannot get your ebook vendor to send you the update, then email me a copy of your receipt and I will send you a coupon for a free copy from Smashwords (where the update is already live).  Hopefully that will not be an issue, but if it is at least you have an option to work around it. By the way, this also means the bundle, The First Quartet, will have to be updated too. So all the same information applies to that one.

Finally, just a reminder, if you have not yet picked up Something to Read on the Ride, go do so! All of the money raised through selling that anthology goes to Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, A Children’s Hospital Charity.  The anthology contains a short story I wrote, “The Faceless Ones” that is only available in that anthology. At $2.99 it is a cheap buy for a good cause. Also, somewhere around the end of March, maybe the beginning of April, a third and final anthology will come out in that series and will feature two of my stories. Please spread the word about these anthologies and lets see if we can make the charity a ton of money.

As always, please spread the word about the Lost Tales of Power series! I have very limited ability to purchase advertising and depend on you, the readers, to help spread the word! Thanks!

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