Dog Aliens: Fiction from a dog’s point of view!

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Dog Aliens 1 Cover Dog Aliens 2 Oreo by Cherise KelleyRecently while talking with some other writers I met a woman named  Cherise Kelley who has a science fiction series out called Dog Aliens. Her tag line is “Fiction from a dog’s point of view,” which forced me beyond any reasonable means of resistance to check out her first book: Kaxian Duty.

The first book is a short story about a puppy, who is really an alien, reporting for his first day at work. The story is ridiculously cute and fun. Anyone who has ever owned a puppy will soon see that Cherise Kelley has captured the essence of a puppy perfectly while giving it alien intelligence and motivations. I went on to get her next book, Raffle’s Name.

This one is a full-length novel (188 pages) that continues from where the short story left off and chronicles the first year of the puppy’s life here on earth and the various adventures and misadventures that he gets into.  It is not as over the top cute as the short story, but is a fun light read.

My son, who is 10, is now reading those to books and thoroughly enjoys them. It is hard to find books he will read and get excited about, and this series is the first since the Cat Warrior books that he has loved.

So I will give this book a five paws out of five for light hearted, family friendly, scifi fun with fresh perspective. I just bought the newest book in this series, Oreo, and hope to start reading it soon.

If you read it, drop a note in the comments below and tell me what you think of them. Also drop by her website and say hi from me!

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