Attention Lost Tales Readers on the Sony E-Reader

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It was announced today that Sony is closing all its ebook stores in the USA and selling its customers to Kobo. This means that most of your current books will still be available to you through Kobo, but Kobo has already made it clear that some books will not be available for you. They have not made it clear yet which books will not be available.

I assume at this stage that since the Lost Tales of Power books are available in the Kobo bookstore those purchases will transfer over fine. If they do not for any reason, or if you decide to jump ship and move to a new platform, simply email me a copy of your receipt showing which Lost Tales books you have purchased on the Sony platform, and I will send you Smashwords coupons for free copies to replace them with.

You can email me at: and I will get back to you as soon as I am able with your coupon code. It will be a few weeks at least before this impacts anyone directly, so you have time to get ahead of this and decide what you want to do going forward.

Some news articles with more information:

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