January 2014 State of The Tales

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As we are now officially in 2014 and I begin my fourth year in this series, I thought it would be a good time to stop and update all my readers on where we are, and what the future looks like. I have two books already in the works, one with some of the characters from The First Quartet, and one with the characters from The Sac’a’rith branch.

Spectra’s Gambit, which I am currently planning as the next book to come out, will feature Spectra, obviously, and some of the others from the foundation books (volumes one through four). There is a foundational story thread involving her that started back in volume three that is unresolved and that will be handled in Spectra’s Gambit.

Volume seven is along the lines of where I want to go with the universe. The Sac’a’rith branch is not finished, and there is at least one or two more books in that branch that need to be written. I will give this hint, Raquel will have big role to come, as will Zah’rak and Shira. My vision for the multiverse is to have more and more of these branches.

I also have two more short stories coming. The first as mentioned previously was released in the charity anthology called Something for the Journey. That anthology features writers from around the world, and all the proceeds go to charity. My post —> here <— gives more details. The liked my short so much they asked me to write two for the third and final anthology in that set, so I cheated a little and wrote a two part short story. I think they are targeting march for that release. Those three short stories will only be in those anthologies for now as I have donated an exclusive to them for six months.

Finally, if you have not signed up on my mailing list, you will want to do that so that you do not miss chances to be a pre-reader, occasionally get free stuff, and always know of upcoming releases and events.

Thanks again for supporting my work, here is to a great year to come!

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