Full Color Map of The Sac’a’rith

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Now that the book is out and selling, I decided to release map that appears in The Sac’a’rith. The map looks great on my Kindle Fire HD, but I know that many people prefer E-Ink, or even have older E-Readers that are at a lower resolution so I have decided to post it here on the website in order to all everyone to see it in its full color glory!

This map is my first ever attempt at a map, so be gentle, but I would love to hear your comments and opinions on it. Is it any good? Did it help or hinder your reading? Do you want to see more regions mapped out? The multi-verse that is Lost tales is massive and no one cartographer could ever hope to map it, but maybe I could share a few sections like this from time to time? Thanks!

Partial map of the Pareon Region.

Partial map of the Phareon Region.

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4 thoughts on “Full Color Map of The Sac’a’rith

  1. Ken Davidson

    I am surprised that there hasn’t been comments on your mapping. It always helps to have the maps so you can visualize were you are at in the story. The map not only look spectacular but it appears to be laid out very well. I personally would like to see more. Pictures draw me in, like the cover of a book is the most important factor as to why deciding to check further into the book it self. When I really get into a book, like I did in yours, I feel like I am part of the story. I live it in my mind. Maybe that makes me a little off but it makes the book that much more enjoyable.

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thanks Ken!

      Have you picked up a copy of The First Quartet? I have some sketches in to, twenty or so. They are kind of just for fun but they are connected to the universe. They were done by the artist that did the covers for books 2, 3, and 4.

      I am considering updating this map with future books, but that will depend on how much feed back it generates. If fans like this, I will continue – it is just me having fun with photoshop on the side then it will probably die off.

  2. Ken Davidson

    Yes I have a copy of The First Quartet. I remembered the sketches but pulled it out of archive to refresh my memory. The covers on the books are also well done. I hope you get plenty of feed back so you are encouraged to continue. I see you have two followers that I know, one is a good friend from KS and the other a nephew from MO. I have been spreading the word about your works and hope to see many more people I know show up on your site.

  3. Kristi (Vincent's Wife)

    It is nice to have feedback, so I should probably put my two cents in too! First of all, thank you, Ken, for your posts. Second, yes, I really like the map, too. I’m a very visual person. Maps, sketches, pictures … I love them all! And I really like this map with its color-coding. I even like it that you used deltas instead of dots to denote where places are. Very science techy! Keep up the great work, Vincent!

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