The Steel-Eyed Man Needs A Name!

      9 Comments on The Steel-Eyed Man Needs A Name!

Hey everyone! New question for you all! I am working on Spectra’s Gambit right now and I am getting tired of typing “steel eyed man,” so it is time to name him! I thought it would be fun to toss this one out to my readers and see what you think? So comment below, tweet me, email me, Facebook me, whatever and send me your suggestions! This is the famous steel-eyed man that assists the Old Man (whose name was revealed as Henrick in Darkness). I’ll leave this question open until the release of The Sac’a’rith on Friday the 13th!

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9 thoughts on “The Steel-Eyed Man Needs A Name!

    1. Vincent Post author

      Hey Loey! Thanks for the suggestion, but Darius was the name of a wizard in Rise of Shadows who served on the Dust Dragon with Shadow and his team, so I probably should use a new name for this guy.

  1. Hammer

    Since the Steel Eyed Man uses a form of absorption and reflection you could call him:


    Or maybe something like Backfire.

      1. Loey

        Steel reminds me of an ice skating blade. So perhaps your Steel Eyed Man could be Blade or Blaze. Aren’t you glad you asked for suggestions?


        P.S. Can you repost where we can purchase the anthology with your short story? Thanks!

  2. Jacob

    KOURETES, as you gave him the name of the steely eyed man. Why not a minor greek god.

    THE KOURETES DAKTYLOI (Curetes and Dactyls) were three, five, or nine rustic Daimones (Spirits) appointed by Rhea to guard the infant god Zeus in a cave on Mount Ida in Krete (Crete). In order to keep him safely hidden from his cannibalistic father, the Titan Kronos (Cronus), they drowned out his cries with a frenzied dance of clashing spear and shield. The Kouretes were gods of the wild mountainside, inventors of the rustic arts of metalworking, shepherding, hunting and beekeeping. They were also the first armed warriors, and gods of the orgiastic war dance performed by the youths of Krete and Euboia.

    info from

    1. Vincent Post author

      Interesting choice. I guess that would make Henrick, Zeus. 🙂 Somehow I think Henrick would like that.

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thanks for your suggestion! I am wondering about the connection, what about that name strikes you as a good fit? Thanks again!

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