19 Days Until The Release Of The Sac’a’rith!

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We are almost inside a fortnight until the release of The Sac’a’rith!  One observant reader recently pointed out that it is a Friday the 13th that the book will be released on. Yes it is, and yes it was deliberate. I target my releases to hit the thirteenth of the month when I can.  Now, while the book is up for pre-order right now on Apple, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords; Amazon does not allow pre-order. That means I will have to upload it ahead of the release so that it is ready on the thirteenth for sale. I will send a notice out to the Lost Tales email list as soon as I get it up loaded, which might be a bit ahead of the release date, so sign up on the list to be the first to know!

I also want to mention that I am looking at making my books available in Google Play for all the Android users out there. Right now I have Enemy of an Enemy up for sale, but none of the other books. Their system to get books into their store is really annoying, and their reporting is one of the worst that I have had to deal with so far so I am not really rushing into this with glee. If there appears to be a demand over there, I will list there. I am a bit surprised that Google of all companies could not pull of a decent system to list and track items for sale.

This coming week here in America we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, which is when we take time out of our very busy lives to visit family, and focus on being grateful for what we have. This year I am very grateful all of you for supporting my books! I really appreciate all of you!

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