Twenty-Six Days to go!

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Hey everyone, there are just 26 days left until the release of The Sac’a’rith!

Kobo still does not have the ebook for pre-order (grumble), but Apple, Smashwords and Barns and Noble have it. Speaking of Barnes and Noble, it looks like they are now carrying the dead-tree versions (a.k.a. paperbacks) of my books on their site! So if you are into printed versions, you can get them there. Since they are listed on their website, that means they are available in their stores (though you probably have to special order them) and that means any major bookstore can order them now.

Also I wanted to let you know about a charity anthology that I will be part of this Christmas season. It will feature short stories from many different authors and will be sold to raise money for a children’s hospital in the UK. The short story I am donating to them is my first ever attempt at a short. It is about 1,000 words long, which is around three pages in print. I am considering writing a second one for them if I can find a few spare hours in the next week before the American holiday season really kicks in and everyone goes insane. The short I have already submitted is not from the Lost Tales universe, and my wife tells me it is scary! She called it “freaky” even.

This will be the second anthology they are producing. The first one is called, Something to Read on the Ride: A Charity Anthology and you can purchase it on Amazon, but it does not have any of my work in it. I will likely have my work in future editions if they continue this. It was fun, and the money is going to a good cause. The book description on Amazon has the details, so if you can spare the coin for this work, you will be helping sick children get proper medical care.

So spread the word about the Lost Tales series and this charity offering! Here is the link to purchase the first anthology:

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