There are just 34 days left till the release of The Sac’a’rith!

Hey everyone! Just some tiny updates here! First off, there is only 34 days left to the release of The Sac’a’rith! In fact, it is so close that it is already up for pre order in iTunes, Barns and Noble, and Smashwords (Kobo is still dragging their feet on it). Here is another little teaser for you, a time line:

IE = Imperial Era (similar to BC, counts backwards)
EM = Era of Magic

12/01/01 IE – Enemy of an Enemy starts
01/20/02 EM – Enemy of an Enemy ends
02/01/02 EM – The Academy starts
08/30/42 EM – The Academy ends
05/15/55 EM – Rise of Shadows starts
12/30/58 EM – Rise of Shadows ends
01/31/59 EM – Resurgence of Ancient Darkness starts
03/15/59 EM – The Sac’a’rith starts
10/31/62 EM – The Sac’a’rith ends
01/25/63 EM – Resurgence of Ancient Darkness ends

In other news, the print editions of all books are live again, with the new covers. They are currently available on Amazon and Create Space, but they should slowly be working their way out to all the other print shops. In fact, if you are the kind that prefers dead tree editions, then you will soon be able to walk in to any major bookstore and request the books! I doubt any bookstore will just randomly decide to put them on the shelves, but most will be happy to order it for you.

Just a reminder, do not forget to sign up on my email list for announcements and special news. Those super fans on my email list will be the first to know about the release, and any other special news that comes out in the future.

Spread the word about the series so that new fans that do not know they are fans of this series yet have time to read the first four books before the release of volume five!

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1 thought on “There are just 34 days left till the release of The Sac’a’rith!

  1. Lois Arias

    That at is such wonderful news! Can’t wait to buy the Ebook & print edition! Hope Spectra’s Gambit is going well. Your talent shines brighter with each book!!!

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