The Sac’a’rith is Back From Editing!

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The edited copy of The Sac’a’rith has just come back from our editor and as usual she tore apart my masterpiece of perfection (we awl knowe I tipe purfectley and awl editors due is incert missteaks of coarse!) Now begins the hard part of writing, working through her edits and making “yes/no” decisions on each one. This will take me far longer then it took her to do the editing. I never understand how she works so fast!

After that, I have to send it back to her because I need to fix a story issue in the ending, which I will want her to edit again. Once that re-cycle is complete I will have to work through formatting it for e-readers, which is a pain. Every e-reader is different, and the subset of HTML that the various e-readers understand does not give me a lot of options for adjusting to the different platforms dynamically. That means I have to guess my way through finding lowest common formatting set between the platforms. I still end up with 5 or 6 versions of the manuscript to submit to the various distribution channels and I will still not be happy with how it looks on at least some e-readers, but such is the price of progress.

Volume VI, Spectra’s Gambit, will be put back on hold while I work through this, but if all goes well I should be back writing that in a month or so. Spectra’s Gambit’s beginning chronologically overlaps with both volume IV and V’s endings so weaving them together is taking extra time. Plus I need to lay the groundwork for Volume VII. I am going to have to get that wiki ( updated at some point (any volunteers?) if for nothing else then to keep my head straight!

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4 thoughts on “The Sac’a’rith is Back From Editing!

  1. Loey

    I will gladly help keep your head straight! I’ll help with the Wiki as soon as I can! Might take a little longer than I had hoped. Can’t wait for the release of the Sac’a’rith! That will also signal you returning to Spectra’s Gambit. This fan really cracks the whip, huh? Seriously, keep up the great work!!!!


    1. Vincent Post author

      Jillian, I’ll drop you an email to the address you signed up with the mailing list. Thanks!

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